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Always Be Prepared w/ a Child Safe Kit

My Free Product Samples just posted a link where you can go and get up to 3 free child safe kits.

The kit is a centrally located packet of all the necessary information you would need, should your child go missing.  That being, detailed physical description, recent photo, finger prints, and any other important information, such as medical history, allergies, etc. that you would need.  For more information preview the kit here.

It is extremely easy to get the kit, just fill out this form and you’re done!

Every day in North America about 2,000 kids go missing, so I’ll leave you with this list of child safety tips from, which you may want to go over with your child.

Child Safety Tips & Strategies

While our kids and grandkids are learning to read and write, it’s just as important to teach them how to be safe. Start with these simple tips to begin building the foundation of safety awareness with your child or grandchild.

  1. Approach the subject of safety in a non-threatening way, so that your child is not fearful of dangerous people or situations, but cautious and aware.
  2. Open communication is the key. Encourage your child to trust their intuition and to be able to tell you when something is wrong.
  3. Make sure your child knows his or her full name, address and phone number, where you work and how you can be contacted. Teach them how to dial 911 and use a cell phone in an emergency situation.
  4. Inform your child of the rules pertaining to strangers. Let your child know that adults should not ask children for help nor can they threaten them. They should never approach an unknown car or go anywhere with an adult they do not know.
  5. Never label clothing, backpacks or personal items with your child’s name. A stranger can use this information.
  6. Put a system in place on what to do if you and your child are separated in a public place.
  7. Know where your child is at all times and remember to update your child’s records every 6-12 months.

Keep your PC safe too with this offer from McAfee:

McAfee, Inc

Free Kids Shirt- Ages 6 – 12

Be one of the first 5,000 to join the Kre-ation Nation club and get a free Kre-o T-shirt.  Simply head to the Kre-ation Nation site and enter your child’s birthday.  Then fill out the registration page with your child’s information and your e-mail address.  You will then get a confirmation e-mail, with information about the Kre-ation Nation club, saying:

“New from Hasbro, KRE-ATION NATION is a free-to-join club for KRE-O fans. As a member of KRE-ATION NATION your child will get access to cool KRE-O content, promotions, and other great stuff! …”

The e-mail will directed you to a parent registration page, where you will need to register with your name; here you enter your child’s shirt size, birthdate (again), name, etc.  and you’re free shirt should be on it’s way!!!

Remember only the first 5,000 people to join the club by March 1, 2012 will be mailed the free Kre-o shirt, so hurry and join!!! Everything is totally free, they don’t even ask for a credit card number or anything, and they offer great perks for your kiddos; such as access to Kre-o content, promotions, and other great stuff!!!

Plus, it’s as easy as learning how to become a paralegal; and how cool are those shirt designs?? Your kids are going to LOVE them!!!

Good Luck!!

Free Learning Activities for your Kids!

Mom- The giver of life; the protector of life; the nurturer of life.

That’s just my own personal definition of MOM, but I think I put it pretty much perfectly.  I feel that when you become a mom you suddenly have this innate compulsion to protect your children.  And lucky us, the U.S. Fire Administration has put together some Sesame Street CDs of stories and songs we can listen to with our children to help teach them about fire safety.  They also have a list of winter and holiday tips for all the good little mommies to follow so we don’t burn down the house this winter! All of which are free to download or order from their site!

If your family is interested in saving the environment, you might be interested in the Planet Protectors program offered by the EPA. You can order up to 30 (if you lead a group) of the activity books, badges, certificates, etc. all of which are completely free (make sure to take notice of the age range they recommend).

The EPA also offers a Dr. Seuss inspired book about Global Warming called the Lorax Activity Book, which is free to either download or order.  This book is recommended for grades K-2nd.

If  your child is more interested in how to become a dentist or doctor, then they may enjoy Lysol’s FREE Healthy Habits Online Activity Booklet.  Which is another free and fun way to teach our kids.

These programs also give us easy ways to reward our kids and give them positive attention! If they are following the things they learn in whichever lessons you decide to do, always remember to let them know that you notice that they sticking to their plans, because sometimes just you noticing is enough to keep them on their positive path!

Keep being amazing and have a wonderful week!!!

Free Kids Workshops

Home Depot offers great free workshops for kids ages 5-12 on the first Saturday of every month, generally from 9am to noon, where kids can learn to build dry erase boards, helicopters, toy cars, birdhouses, etc.

At this workshop your son or daughter will receive a free project kit that includes every thing they will need for their project. They will also receive an orange apron (to keep), similar to the ones the Home Depot workers have and a pin to put on their apron (*flair*).

Lowe’s offers free build and grow workshops for kids every Saturday at 10am! Lowe’s build and grow workshops are very similar to Home Depot’s kids workshops.

When you arrive at Lowe’s on Saturday morning you will undoubtedly hear all the little hammers banging away, so follow that sound and you will find the Kids Workshop!

The main thing I noticed, as an adult, (and this could have just been due to the location we went to in Oklahoma) is that Lowe’s makes short, little “workbenches” (out of plywood and buckets) in the store for the kids to work on where as Home Depot had them in the parking lot on the ground.

Also, (and, as far as I could see, it doesn’t say anything about this on the website, so it could have also just been the specific Lowe’s we went to) the kids were given little mini hammers to keep if it was their first workshop.

Lowe’s also gives all the kids that attend their workshops free build and grow kits, goggles, an apron, a patch for their apron for each project they complete, and a certificate of completion for each project.

So yeah, we REALLY love going to Lowe’s!!

I think these workshops are a great way for boys and girls to learn about safety and tools, as well as to gain confidence and pride in their work… It’s no construction management degree, but it’s a ton of fun!!!  My daughter LOVES them!!!

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s recommend you sign up on their websites prior to the workshop to ensure your child’s spot, however, if you forget they both take walk-ins up until the point that they run out of project kits.

Happy Building! :)

Holiday Memory Books

I’m sure some of you have seen commercials for Shutterfly’s memory books.  If not, they are professionally bound books that showcase pictures and text.  They are similar to scrapbooks, except done entirely electronically.

I thought they would be expensive, because they are all custom made, and was very surprised to find that for the holidays they are starting at only $9.79.  The come in hard and soft back and in a plethora of sizes.

They are a great gift idea for grandparents, especially ones who live out of state.  You get 20 pages to fill with pictures, which is plenty to use one page per holiday, one for birthday parties, one for dress-up, one for the first day of school or school programs, one page for sports and dance, etc.

My favorite part of these memory books is that they are as customizable as you want them to be.  They have layouts you can choose from that just need pictures added or they have backgrounds that you can choose where you put the pictures anywhere on the page and can add text boxes and designs anywhere on the page as well. It’s all customized to you and how much time you have to spend making it.  And what’s great is even if you pick one of the generic layouts you can still add little designs so that no two layouts are the same.

Memory books are a great way to give the gift of your little one to those who love them the most!  Plus, if you want to get yourself one also, you don’t have to feel too guilty, as they are giving free shipping on orders over $50!

If you’re looking for a different type of gift for yourself this holiday, maybe the gift of a free education, you may be interested in looking into some grants and scholarships for moms.

Custom Holiday Cards ~ Free!

Now-a-days we all have digital cameras, and they are great! They’re on our phones, so we don’t even have to remember to grab the camera when we go out trick-or-treating with our kiddos or hit up the amazing costume parties at the clubs.  Then we can instantly upload the pics we like to facebook and share our good times with the world.

But what about that AMAZING picture of Chloe in her costume, or the one of the kids passed out in a sugar coma on the couch with grandma and grandpa when you pick them up after the party? You know, those ones that are too good to just post and forget… the ones you want to print off and keep forever, the ones you want to put in a scrap book for your kids to treasure for the rest of their lives.

Well, I guess that’s another great thing about digital cameras, you can send off which ever pictures you want to make prints of, and the best part is Walgreens is constantly giving away FREE digital prints!!! My Free Product Samples is a great site that frequently lists when stores are giving away freeies, so if the deal has expired, check back with them soon as they are bound to have another one!

There are a few other amazing deals available right now for free, customized holiday prints that you can enjoy whether you’re getting an online degree in photography or just do it for fun!

The first of which is from Vistaprint.  They are currently offering 10 FREE custom holiday photo cards.  Vistaprint also has a plethora of other custom holiday products to choose from, many at greatly reduced prices! So it’s definitely worth your time to look around their site a bit!

Another site offering 10 FREE custom holiday cards is MyPublisher (they even have FREE SHIPPING!!!) You just need to use code “HAPPY10FREE” at checkout!  Now these are really cute cards with adorable envelopes, definitely worth going to check out!

I would like to thank Cher from My Free Product Sample for always turning me on to the BEST freebies!!! Love her site!


Freebies~Samples~Deals posted an offer on their site for free Holiday items from InkGarden as well! Just use offer code “ForFree” at checkout! By the way, Freebies~Samples~Deals is another AMAZING site to follow!

Moms Meet

Moms Meet is a site geared towards moms who want to offer their kids the best.  The site encourages moms to start groups in their community, or on campus, where moms can come together and share information and ideas.  Because who gets you better than other moms???

I think this site is a great resource for those College Moms who are interested in finding other College Moms to meet with.  Some universities may already have a mom’s or parent’s organization, for example, when I went to the University of Oklahoma I was part of a group of a few parents who took our unofficial Engineering Moms & Dads group and made it an official, college funded organization.

However, if your University doesn’t have any such group a Mom’s Meet Group could be a great alternative!  If you are just interested in starting a relaxed, unofficial or off campus group, all you need is this site and maybe an advisor you like who can direct you to some other parents you can e-mail about the meetings.

If, on the other hand, you want to make an official, on campus group, I recommend you contact the student activity board (or equivalent) at your university for information on what exactly qualifies as an official group and what you need to do in order for your group to become an official organization at your school.

Some things you may want to consider when starting such a group is who will be allowed to join? Only Psychology majors? Only STEM majors? Only moms and dads in graduate school? Only moms? Etc…

Mom’s Meet provides products for groups to sample at meetings for FREE! They also list conversation topics on their site that you can discuss with your group.

In order to qualify for the products to samples, you have to apply to be a “Mom Ambassador.”  As a Mom Ambassador you act as a liason between your group and the Mom’s Meet orginization.  As a Mom Ambassador you get to choose which products to apply for your group to sample and you are responsible for filling out the review forms for your group.  Mom Ambassadors even get a special freebie for all their hard work.

Mom Ambassadors who have blogs, also have the opportunity to apply to become a Mom Ambassador Blogger.